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Saturday, 17. May 2008

“五一”长假“瘦身” 今年汽车租赁业降&#2

By hpjiujiu, 17:33



Monday, 07. April 2008

Laser Pointers - Banned

By hpjiujiu, 10:30

Anyways I was reading my daily reading of the online SMH website, and I came across yet another article relating to shining laser pointers at helicopters. The pilot of course, claimed that he was distracted and disoriented. So the crew landed nearby and contacted police, and later arrested the 19 year old culprit, who was pointing the laser beam from his own backyard.

As i continued reading, i discovered that due to new laws, laser pointers of all categories are now banned from public places without a good reason...and the penalty? maximum 2 years in jail. But whats so public about places such as the backyard? Or a bedroom window?

Further down the article i came across this quote:

"A spokesman for Police Minister David Campbell said owners of all classes of laser pointers would need a permit, to be granted by the firearms registry."
Seems like the law doesn't end here, maybe sometime in the near future all laser pointer owners are required to obtain a weapons permit from the firearms To me this is rather ridiculous. Many people these days use laser as part of their occupation as well as recreational activities. I would really find it weird when one day my university lecturer came into the class and flashes his new weapons permit (Even though Im speculating its a special permit for lasers only but...ya never know). Who knows what other weapons he'll be having at home...

A close friend of mine also owns a laser pointer. Im pretty sure I dont want to see him with a weapons permit... I know for a fact that he really loves Grand Theft Auto.

There are also several children's toys on the market these days that contains a laser beam, although the power is low, maybe 0.5 milliwatts, nevertheless its still laser. Imagining children to obtain a weapons permit is even more bizarre, not to mention they arent even allowed to have one.

Banning laser pointers in public places is a law im willing to accept, and currently only the owners of high powered lasers (class 3 or 4) are required to obtain a permit. But I sure hope that new law regarding all laser owners requiring a permit will never come...